Register EEP


We reseted your registration. Please follow these steps:

1. deinstall EEP

2. install EEP

3. close all EEP installation windows

4. start EEP by using the right mouse button on the desktop icon and choose: \"start as administrator\"

5. choose your preferred way of registration ( by email or internet ) and fill in name, surname, email and serial number

6. if you have already a registration number in your account, please choose \"Registrierung bei mehreren Programminstallationen...\"

7. click three times \"ok\" and fill in the registration number of your shop account

8. click on \"Registrieren\"

9. close EEP


Only if EEP 10

10. download Update2 and modell update1

11. start both files by clicking right mouse button on the file and choosing \"start as administrator\"


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2 thoughts on “Register EEP

  1. Hi , my name is Ronald Archer and I wish to buy some goods from your online EEP store, but registration asked for my country but I’m from New Zealand and can’t find New Zealand in your country list.
    Can you please tell me how to overcome this.
    My email is
    I look forward to your reply.
    Regards Ronald Archer.

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