A train shall stop at a signal that indicates „free“



A train shall stop at a signal that indicates „free“
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To be near to reality the signal should fit to the scenario which requires the stop. A property, a worker may be used too.
Some examples for German scenarios:
– For stops in a railway station
“ H_Tafel_neu”, “ Zp9_69_V8”
“Rangierer05, NP1”
Ra 10, “ Rangierhalttafel RA10_SW1”
-Sh1, Sh2 “ SH2_mSa_RG2_V7”)
– Ne6/So9 “ Haltepunkttafel”

1. Possibility
Put the visible signal on an invisible waterway and operate it there. For the trains use an invisible signal to stop them.
2. Possibility
Put an invisible signal whith status „stop“ in front of the visible one and use sensors to operate both. Train will stop and continue only, if the status of the invisible signal is „free“
(Author: McIwer/redgum)


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